Joshua Horowitz

I am a developer and researcher exploring how graphics and interaction can help people understand complex ideas.

data-centric live programming environment (Fall 2018)
art (Summer 2018)
An accessible introduction to inaccessible cardinals
quick math exposition (Fall 2017)
humane dynamic medium (2016 – present)
"How Bodies Matter" poster
poster redesign of Klemmer, et al. (Spring 2016)
archival software (Spring 2016)
Hysteresis & Slack
explorable explanation (Summer 2015)
Gallery of Concept Visualization
compendium of visual inspiration (Spring 2015)
Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon
co-organized (Spring 2015)
Counting Symmetric Objects
visual explanation (Fall 2014)
Bringing Data To Teaching
blog post for Coursera (Fall 2014)
syntactic sugar for data manipulation (Fall 2014)
square shuffle
Javascript (Fall 2013)
Javascript (Fall 2013)
Knot Identification Tool
computational topology in Coffeescript (Summer 2013)
Counting Domino Tilings
lecture notes for MLS Lecture Series (Spring 2013)
Caltrain Camera Array
computational photography (Fall 2011 - Fall 2012)
Ranking America's Metropolises
human geography (Summer 2010 - Fall 2012)
absence makes the heart grow fronds
body horror in Python (Fall 2012)
May crafts
two small physical creations (Spring 2012)
Animated Illusion sketch; click for motion (Spring 2012)
class taught for Stanford ESP's Splash program (Spring 2012)
Polyrhythmic Drum Machine
Javascript (may only work in Chrom[e/ium]; modify URL for more options (Fall 2011)
DQMC Simulation of the Hubbard Model
summary presentation of rotation work with the Devereaux Group (Fall 2011)
XY Model Simulation
Processing sketch, rewritten for Javascript (Summer 2011)
classes taught for MIT ESP's Spark program (Spring 2011)
Twitter by the #s
data scraping & visualization (Fall 2010)
"Jimbo 2"
Processing sketch, rewritten for Coffeescript (Fall 2010 - Winter 2012)
Processing sketch, rewritten for Javascript (Fall 2010)
"Human Voices"
one-minute video created for 4.301 (Fall 2009)
"Inverse Auditory Periscopes"
body extension constructed for 4.301 (Fall 2009)
From Path Integrals to Fractional Quantum Statistics
expository paper written for 8.06 (Spring 2009)
(and winner of the 2009 Feynman Writing Award)
An Introduction to Quantum Cellular Automata
expository paper written for 6.896 (Fall 2008)
Quantum Computing with Closed Time-Like Curves
lecture notes written for 6.896 (Fall 2008)
Zero-One Laws, Random Graphs, and Fraïssé Limits
expository paper written for 18.504 (Spring 2008)
"Connectivity I"
pretty picture (Spring 2008)
Swinging Battering Ram
teaching kids physics at ESP's Spark program (Spring 2008)
Gradient Error and Origami
summary presentation of research with the STPG (Summer 2007)
November 26th, 2018